RHOBH: “We’re going to eat as well as drink as well as pole dance.”

To be completely honest, last night’s episode of genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills felt like a bit of a squander of time. We got the run-up to the stripping, the run-up to Kim’s nose task as well as the run-up to some kind of strange dinner fight between Camille as well as Yolanda (and then Camille as well as Lisa), however extremely bit in the method of actual action. I dislike it when you do that to me, Bravo. We’ve talked about this.

Nonetheless, we had a show as well as that implies we’ll have a recap, even if it’s in listing type like it was last week. It’s difficult to compose a narrative if nothing looking like a narrative happens! So right here it is: the things I discovered this week, both fascinating as well as not-that-interesting.

1. Yolanda likes her Hermes belts. That’s since she doesn’t have a Prada backpack.

2. Suzanne Somers. Kyle believes she may hold the tricks to immortality. Lisa’s not sure who she is.

3. Brandi went to stripper class to get prepared to go to a stripper class. She wouldn’t want anybody to suspect that she was never a stripper, of course. Also, Stripper instructor was very excitable. reality be told, I don’t completely comprehend the Brandi/stripping student/stripping instructor storyline.

4. Adrienne, Faye as well as Paul all concerned Kyle’s home for 6th grade Graduation. I’ll spare you my old-lady schpiel about exactly how celebrating nonexistent milestones makes youngsters soft. The youngsters celebrated in an unseen part of the home while Kyle, Mauricio, Fay, Adrienne as well as Paul commenced a team satisfying as well as a little metal ceremony for Faye, who was being honored for excellence in service to the team. In keeping with Faye’s general aesthetic, the metal was the exact same color as her hair as well as skin.

5. everybody packs for a vegas trip differently. Kim hangs photos as well as believes about getting her nose fixed (because her physician refused to repair anything else, she’ll have you know). Lisa roots with drawer after beautiful drawer of ideal pink underwear. Marisa’s mom admonishes her somewhat doubtful taste in extremely costly maxi dresses. during that conversation, Marisa was using a halter top with a regular-strap nude bra, so possibly she ought to provide mom’s guidance some extra thought.

6. Brandi’s finest good friend Jen is on Rehab with Dr. Drew. To clarify: She’s not IN rehab, she works for his rehab center. I have viewed her chase a junkie down the street. I’m prepared to admit that I view Dr. Drew’s show since I count on you men not to hold it against me.

7. We got much more of Yolanda’s lessons on exactly how to keep a Man. She has yet to address the truth that both Brandi as well as Camille were in outstanding shape, kept themselves up, amazed their husband’s good friends as well as stayed at house instead of pursuing their own careers when they were left by their other halves for other nők. Also, Yolanda easily ignores that truth that she herself didn’t hold on to her very first rich other half so well.

8. I’m the only person whose mom didn’t walk around naked in front of her. You men understand what I’m referring to. Don’t make me compose it.

9. Oysters as well as eco-friendly juice are gross. one more thing I feel comfortable admitting since I count on you guys. I don’t care if it makes me a philistine! They’re gross!

10. Kim wishes to get her nose done since modification is fun! There is nothing objectively poor about Kim’s nose. It’s not big, it’s not crooked. It’s just a routine nose. Also, her surgeon’s desk is very tacky. Her surgeon is not Paul, by the way, although I suspect Paul’s desk is tacky too.

And that was it, really. We might have spent the entire episode going with the drawer’s in Lisa’s apartment-sized wardrobe as well as it would have been a much much more thrilling episode.

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