Throwback Thursday: PurseForum’s a lot of famous Dior moments

The forum has always been the location to choose the current purse news. Not only can you log in as well as see what’s hot today, however you can browse with the old threads as well as see what was hot ten years ago. Scrolling with the threads of the past is one of my preferred things to do as it’s like going with a digital time machine. It’s fun to see exactly how opinions on specific bags have altered over time, comparing the bags people when desired as well as spent top dollar on as well as seeing what they choose now.

That was the motivation for this new series where we comb with old articles from a Brand’s past, pick out some famous pieces, as well as see what they’re going for now. So keeping that being stated let’s see the bags of Dior’s past!

2009 Dior Gaucho double Saddle

Do you all keep in mind when the Dior Gaucho double saddle was all the rage? I keep in mind seeing this bag around in the early 2000s. This Blue appeal was shared by our member Elsie87 in the “Your Diors in Action!” thread back in 2009. Today this bag offers for a fraction of what it retailed for, commonly selling in the $500-$800 range.

Dior Gaucho double Saddle
via Fashionphile


2005 Dior restricted edition Wristlet

I assumption I have one more bag on my wishlist courtesy of our member Mooshooshoo, this fluffy restricted edition Detective wrist hold shared to the “2005 S/S Detective, Paris 50’s, Denim, Flowers, Trotter Romantique (pictures only)” thread. though I wasn’t able to discover this bag anywhere on the Web at the moment I did notice that the RealReal has a big choice of vintage Dior.

Vintage Dior
via Fashionphile

Vásárolj most

2004 Dior D’Trick

A bag I have been seeing around Instagram just recently the D’Trick! This charming picture was shared by our member michi_chi in the “2004 S/S D’Trick, Ballet, Pink Girly, Diva, Poison (pictures only)” thread back in 2012. A year or so back I was assisting my good friend look for this bag, as well as during that time it was selling in the $300-$400 range, now it appears like it’s selling in the $700-$1000 range.

Dior D’Trick
via The RealReal


2008 woman Dior

In like with this 2008 woman Dior in amethyst that was shared by our member cilifene in the “The woman Dior (pictures only)” thread.

Such a sensational color. though I wasn’t able to discover this precise woman Dior available on the huge large web, I was able to discover a similar however somewhat a lot more pastel version at Fashionphile for $2,795.

Dior woman Dior
via Fashionphile


Dior Trotter Rasta

Whether you liked it or hated it we can’t reject that the Dior Rasta bags were a few of the most popular of their time. This set was shared by our member gingerfarm in the “Look what I got from the outlets!!!” back in 2007. however a bit of great news if you’re trying to find one of these pieces you’re in luck since Farfetch currently has one in stock!

Dior Trotter Rasta
via FarFetch


Dior Saddle special edition China Dragon Ball

Up next is most likely one of the coolest Saddle bags I’ve ever seen a special edition Dragon bag shared by our member kellyng in the “Your Diors in Action!” cérna. This whole attire is amazing! I searched the web far as well as large as well as regrettably might not discover this bag to buy anywhere, however I did find that 1st Dibs has a large choice of special edition Saddle bags.

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